Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Svadhisthana Chakra & Meiyo

Meiyo. Honor. The Samurai believed in honor within society. This is ruled by awakening your second Chakra, the Svadhisthana. This second chakra oversees your energy for relationships, sexual energy and the need to manage the dynamics of your place in society.

A second chakra out of balance brings about a fear of losing control. I see this in men and women who are domestic abusers. They rule over their partner with power and control tactics that are physically, mentally, economically abusive. They have no honor for another. Ever have a toxic boss? Second Chakra out of a balance.

Honoring others in relationships and your place in society was crucial for maintaining the feudal system in Japan...and other cultures as well. In the dojo, this honoring each other with a simple bow is so important. Examine for a moment when you do a standing bow. Where do you bend? At the second chakra! This bowing motion seems to exercise this second chakra...and bowing is a symbol of enacting the virtue of honor to one another.

A healthy second chakra helps build faith and is a source of wonderful creativity as well.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. My boss is unique among men, he has no chakras at all. He instead has a number of holes of varying use, mainly for expelling that which othe... I should not go on haha :D

    Well, he has a hole in his soul, a hole in his a sou...

  2. LOL!!!...but also so sad. He is then, perhaps, a holey soul.

  3. Hello to Batman and Robin,

    Good post as usual Shinzen.

    I have NO boss! I am not a BOSS. Although I have been bossed around, and I can be bossy...

    ...and in both cases there's an arse involved!

    I did study and learn much about chakras many years ago, but there is a point within self-discovery whereby such 'information' is transcended by the realization of simple beingness, which for me is enough. Still I liked the post very much and I bow to your wealth of knowledge... ;-)

  4. Quick...to the Batmobile! Hahaha...If TaWan and I are Batman and Robin, which character are you Doug?

    I agree Doug, I love simple beingness...but, alas, my brain loves its candy. My brain has a big sweet tooth!

    If you have any more to add re: chakras, please throw your knowledge into the bat-hat. It's always great to hear from you Doug.

  5. Well, after going through confusion about chakras and beingness, I found that balanced chakras results in balanced self; which allows realization of simple beingness. They are all interconnected, in fact they are all One.

    Hi Shinzen, how about some techniques or suggestions to balance chakras? That'll be interesting, I think :D

  6. Breathing techniques never fails me, i'll recommend that to everybody.

  7. Thanks Max...yes, breathing techniques from yoga (pranayama) are great for aligning and spinning those energy wheels. Mantras work as well...

    ...again, thanks for the comments. Now I better get to writing.

  8. my boss with a hole in his soul and a hole in his a soul was not such a bad guy today. Still no chakras though.

    As has been hinted at here, chakras become apparent at times of imbalance and are otherwise unseen when we are at one.

  9. Ah! Thanks for clarifying TaWan...thanks for the insight as well. I'll chew on this.