Friday, August 6, 2010

Chakras, Shuriken and Samurai...oh, my.

Many martial artist's today understand the concept of Ki or Qi. It is the energy that runs through us and gives us life. We can get Qi through the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink. It is in all and moves through all. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians are the channels that Qi flow through. Each meridian is connected to an organ and has certain qualities pertaining to our physical and emotional makeup.

The Chakras, or Wheels of Energy, run up and down our spinal column, beginning in the coccyx and ending at the top of the head.  These Chakras are energy wheels that spin and also give us life...and contain certain qualities...many of which correlate to the seven virtues of a Samurai.(Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, etc.)  Seven Chakras. Seven Virtues.

Sometimes I think of Chakras as Shuriken spinning inside of us. Shuriken come in many shapes, but the most common thought of form is a disc. The circular Shuriken were developed from old coins, sharpened at the edges....and thrown at an opponent. Not so much as to harm him, but to distract him for a moment so the Samurai or Ninja could use their long or short swords.

Shuriken take practice time to throw properly and if not trained in throwing, you will miss your target and possibly harm yourself. Thrown properly they will defend you and keep you safe.

Same with Chakras. They need to be spun correctly. They need to be handled with care and exercised so as to spin correctly to give us the right types of energy we well as provide us with the virtues the Samurai treasured.

I'll get more into tying these divergent systems together in future wife wants to get out and go for a walk. I do need the exercise....walking helps the Chakras as well...and by walking with my wife I am practicing familial loyalty. Such a Samurai, eh. (I grew up in Northern Wisconsin, eh).  Oh...this is where I need your help as well.  This might be part of my next book and am looking for feedback and questions. Thank You.

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