Friday, August 27, 2010

Walk Blood-Heavy

Just taking a bit of a stray from the Chakra/Bushido code for a post. In Madison, Wisconsin today to drop my middle child off at college. My wife and I went to a folk festival this evening full of old and young hippies.

While walking around I noticed my shoulders and breathing were high. There were a lot of  people and I felt a bit on-edge. Then this little voice in my head (yes, I have voices in my don't get jealous cause they just talk to, this 'voice' or prompting said, "Walk Blood-Heavy".

For some reason I knew what to do. I dropped my shoulders, put my breath-focus into my feet and with each step I visualized the ground vibrating from the heavy step of blood-filled feet. A lot like when doing Sanchin Kata. A very strong rooted feeling. The only difference was it felt heavier than Sanchin and I felt better...less on-edge, more clear and calm. I felt connected to each step, the earth and now.

I know. Strange. But you have to listen to those is the voice of intuition. I am going to practice Walking Blood-Heavy more often and see what happens. Try if for yourself. Just see and feel your feet getting heavy with blood (remember chi and blood flow together). Then be aware of each step and as you step feel/visualize the ground thunderously vibrating beneath your feet. Have fun with it. Let me know what you think.

I know at times I can sound crazy...well, that's because it is important to push the parameters of consensus reality. Don't you agree?

Hands palm to palm  _/|\_   (thanks Rizal for showing this to me)

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