Sunday, November 28, 2010

Body like Stone...

Body like Stone
Mind like Meatloaf
 My mind loves to wander on wonderful tangents. My last post shot this up from the old memory banks. Cartmen...Master of Sumo!

Ah...perfection. Mind like this Mushin? No-mind? ^_^
Something to strive for.

In Gassho,


  1. Hi Shinzen David,

    You've got me with this one .. a mind like meatloaf .. is that the after affects of an over indulgent thanksgiving or something to do with wanting to be able to sing like a bat out of hell?

  2. Body like stone, mind like meatloaf, soul like salmon maki! Nyam nyam :D

  3. @Rizal: good one ^_^

    @Doug: most likely a combination of both!

  4. Well I missed out on thanksgiving, we do things differently on this side of the big pond, and I kinda like singing, but not like a Meatloaf, or a bat outa hell for that matter...

    ...and, unfortunately, my body doesn't feel quite so 'Solid' these days...

    Great Post David :-))

  5. Thanks Doug...when I sing people want to take a bat and beat the hell out of me...that's why I am so angelic :) but, damn, my head hurts.