Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Read an excerpt from Black Belt Healing

From time to time, for those of you who have not purchased my book, Black Belt Healing: A Martial Artist's Guide to Pain Management & Injury Recovery, or for those who want to remember key items, I have decided to post a few excerpts. Perhaps, those of you who have not read the book will be enticed to picking it up, and for those who have purchased it...Thanks! Please continue to spread the word.

In Chapter 7 I go over the rules of your mind, especially the subconscious part of your mind. Just like a dojo has rules to adhere to for training, so does your mind have rules for healing. So, here is Rule 5.

"Rule 5: Create rather than resist.  Did you know your subconscious mind cannot see the negation or absence of something?  For instance, right now, do NOT think of a blue monkey! An image of blue monkey crossed your mind, didn't it"

Think about this: "Not" is a word that has no image. Blue monkey is an image. As you recall, words are in the realm of the conscious mind and joined with ego and willpower. Images are stored in the subconscious. So, think about this: When pain flares up and you resist the image and feelings of pain by saying you wish you did NOT have it, the subconscious mind only "sees" you telling yourself to "Have Pain."  It cannot see the word NOT. And because the subconscious mind creates a physical reaction based on what it sees you will continue to have pain. In fact, you are sending direct messages prompting more pain. Ouch!

So, to prevent yourself from experiencing more pain, imagine comfort and healing instead. In your imagination, see and feel vigor and vitality. Your subconscious mind will then create physical and emotional reactions for comfort and healing. A hypnotic trick for this is to use what is called an imbedded suggestion. Here's how it goes.

Rather than say "pain", use the words "discomfort" or "uncomfortable" instead. Why? Remember blue monkeys? "Dis" and "Un" are not recognizable by the Subconscious Mind, but "comfort" is. This is an example of an imbedded suggestion to produce comfort whenever you feel pain...excuse me, discomfort."

Once you know the rules of the mind, it is easy to harness its power to create health, healing, vitality, peak performance...the sky is the limit.

If you have any questions about this just ask. Make sure to visit my other blog over at www.taekwondotimes.com. It is "Black Belt Healing with Dr. Dave" and is written weekly for health & healing in the martial arts.

Now, the next time you brush your teeth...Don't think of a Blue Monkey, especially one with a big red butt!

Hands palm to palm,


  1. I came across your book at a Borders in Houston and tried not to browse through it too much as I can't afford it right now.

    I'm a little confused by the title and subject matter, though, especially the subtitle.

    In aikido, we deal with the discomfort of unpleasant situations, but not so much physical injury and pain so there isn't really a need for management or recovery.

    From your excerpt above, I feel there may be a hidden meaning beyond the book's title. Do you see there being a practical use for me to read your book? (well, as a priority as money sits. It does look interesting.)

  2. Hi Kevin...the book is a book on physical pain management but is mostly a book on possibility thinking...Dr. Shook who wrote the foreward mentions this. It has a lot of practical advice and instruction on how to use the mind's power for health and healing. I use the layout of a dojo as a metaphor for the workings of the mind..and how to use your mind's weapons effectively. Hope you can get the book...check out Amazon as well.