Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you guilty of the 3 F-ups?

Are you guilty of the 3F's, or F-ups, as I call them?

Under attack we go into the well-known Fight, Flee or Freeze syndrome. These 3 F's will get you knocked on your ass! These are reactions based on lack of training and vision.

A Warrior has the ability to not act on these 3 F's, but responds to an attack based on vision and training....and lots of practice. This is what I call being Response-able.

A Warrior is Response-able. He/She is "able to respond" to an attack, not react. A response is more intelligent and in accord with natural ways of the Tao or flow of the Universe. With proper vision a Response-able Warrior evolves into a Warrior-Sage  and is able to manage 'attacks' not only in the seen world, but in the unseen world of emotions, thoughts and spirit as well.

Keep on training.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Okay, that explains "response-able" you wrote previously on the comment on my blog :D thanks :D

    Anyway previously I only know 2 Fs: fight or flight. Freeze is nice addition. It reminds me of the reaction of a deer before it got hit by a car on a highway.

  2. A warrior, in flow with the tao, should rarely find himself in a position where he is under attack in the first place.

  3. So True...a more seasoned Warrior doesn't view any of the f-ups as an attack or emotions as an attack, but as allies to keep him/her stay on the path. Thanks for the input.