Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Warrior's Path

I've been writing a book about Warrior's and have had some thoughts. I noticed that the martial arts, the real ones, require a long time (a lifetime or two) to master. There are no short cuts to the deeper levels Budo has to offer. To begin to "see" these deeper teachings of wisdom involves a great deal of discomfort and pain.

As a counselor working with people who are addicted to substances like alcohol, pot, crack, pain pills and what ever they can find to get a buzz, I have noticed they are looking for convenience and comfort. They are no different than most of us, except their path is more dysfunctional in our society. Most of us, however, are always wanting the fastest most convenient method to get what we want. After all, Time is Money in our society and we have to have comfort.

In fact, a few years ago, when I was researching to set up a private counseling practice, the research stated people will visit the counselor who has the most convenient and easy parking! What's up with that? People don't care about your credentials, just that they can park easily and it be convenient for them.

The Warrior's Path is a lonely one. Take a look at ancient times when a student of martial arts or Zen wanted to study with a teacher. The teacher usually rejected, humiliated and scorned the student. Gave him/her impossible tasks to do and basically demean the student. The student who kept coming back, over and over, was finally accepted.

Don't have that now...I ask myself now after 41 years as a Martial Artist...do I do what I do because it is easy, convenient and comfortable? If it is...it is time to move outside my comfort zone. Why? Growth only comes about through struggle...and nothing makes you squirm like pain and inconvenience. These two allies, when embraced, lead you to dig deep within yourself and find resources you never knew you had...it brings you to relief...to a great inner peace...to the ceasing of the struggle...ah! Budo: To Cease The Struggle.

I am moving to Madison in a few months. Perhaps I should just set up an old school Dojo...it will be inconvenient and uncomfortable...any takers?

Hands palm to palm,


  1. I'd raise my hand, but the commute would be quite painful and inconvenient. :-D

  2. Good one Felicia...I know you and a few others who read my blog would jump in with zero hesitation...thanks.

  3. Ah, another timely post! I've decided to leave my comfory zone by resigning from my current agency at the end of the month... and you've just reinforced it!

    Would love to visit you in Madison, but all my money goes to a new house, and is spared for few months of living before I get another steady income.

    Wish me luck, I'm wishing you!