Friday, June 10, 2011

Grit, Guts, Gumption...A Warrior's 3G Network

While driving to work this morning Grit, Guts, and Gumption kept running through my head. I knew I hadn't had that much caffeine yet, but it dawned on me this is a Warrior's 3G Network.

Looking up some definitions of these words what I found was that Courage strung them together. It is the wireless connection of the 3G Warrior's Network.

Grit is unyielding courage in the face of danger. It is firmness of both mind and spirit.

Guts is fortitudinal courage. It is perserverance, nerve and audacity.

Gumption is about taking initiative, being resourceful, full of spunk and courage.

Grit, Guts, Gumption. A Warrior's 3G Network.

Could add another for a 4G Network...Glory..distinction for courage on the battlefield.

Just rambling thoughts for the day...Do you have a 3G or 4G Network?

Hands palm to palm,

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