Monday, September 21, 2009


A big 'Thank You' for all the attendees at the 4th Annual Zen and Healing Arts Seminar!!
I am already planning for next year and am excited about the topics...but you'll have to wait till next summer to find out what we are going to do.
After the seminar many of us were discussing dim mak and kyusho jitsu...the pros and cons of doing knockouts, etc. I was asked to put on my blog any suggested reading materials I had found helpful. So, I will gather up some of my resources, and put together a reading list...maybe centered around certain subjects, like dim mak, or zen or energy work.
So, that's all for today's post...I have to get back to work.
Again, thank you to the participants at this years seminar and for raising money to support our domestic violence shelter, Safe Haven.
In Gassho,

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