Friday, September 25, 2009

Lessons from my Zafu: Ground Zero

Dr. Yozan (Dirk) Mosig, a Shuri-te practitioner and Zen priest, often would remind us that Karate was 95% mental and 5% physical. This saying has always stuck with me...and as I have my own sitting practice I am becoming more and more aware of how correct his statement is.

As I have mentioned before, Buddha spoke about how all we are is a result of our thoughts...with our thoughts we create our world and shape our reality. This is so true...and is even backed up by Quantum Physics, but I am not going to go into that right now.

What I am referencing today is Ground Zero....bringing your mind to that still point of just before you inhale and just before you have your next thought. Ground Zero is the place you have to decide upon how you are going to shape your world. Buddha spoke of being mindful of mind. Be aware of your thoughts as if they are a cobra ready to strike...bring your awareness to that level on and off your zafu.

I call that point of total awareness or stillness of mind Ground Zero...just like sitting on your Zafu...on the ground...this is Ground Zero....stay there and when your mind does wander be aware of the curious about the wandering and then gently return to Ground Zero.

This is also the mindset when doing Kata. Kata is also a place for Ground aware of your thoughts before, during and after Kata. Are you 'in' the kata or wandering around in your mind. Stay at Ground Zero....Did you know Kata also means 'how you behave'? So a Kata is also how you brush your teeth, do your job, take a piss, and talk to your children or friends. Are you at Ground Zero? Are you aware or are you running on Autopilot?

Ground Zero...being Here and Now...being with the events of life as they unfold moment by moment, but also being with your thoughts and judgements about the events of life as they unfold. If you do not like your thoughts or judgements, again, just be curious about them and gently return to Ground you have the chance to change your world.

This is part of our Budo training...95% mental.

Hope my morning rambling has made sense...

In Gassho,

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