Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dim Mak

Dim Mak, otherwise known as 'the Death Touch,' is talked about alot in martial art systems. Some of the stuff you read about is questionable, however, the book I like the most on the subject is by Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson.

They wrote, "The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak". Mr. Montaigue is a Tai Chi practitioner with a very straightforward personality and approach. I find it refreshing.

What I like about this book is that it goes through the main meridians and describes how to use pressure points for self-defense, but also for healing. He also emphasizes the importance of being very careful with Dim-Mak because you can kill someone with this stuff.

My philosophy on practicing Dim-Mak, or Kyusho Jitsu, is that we do not practice 'knockouts' to see if this stuff works. I do not believe in insulting the energy/neurological/brain systems just for show or demonstrations. I know I am an old 'fuddy duddy' on this stuff, but I don't want students to get hurt...and if don't know what you are doing you could inadvertantly damage someone for quite some time.

I like this book for the healing aspects as well. Mr. Simpson goes through and explains the TCM behind the healing after striking certain points, just in case you do hurt someone.

If you wish to see Mr. Montaigue teaching just go do a Dim Mak video search and he will show up. He has some 'teasers' to entice you to purchase his videos.

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  1. It is very dangerous stuff, the sad thing is that it gets a bad rap because people tend to do just that, play around with it.
    I don't teach even the theory until I know someone can handle it responsibly, and even then, it starts and ends with healing.