Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Gun and a Pit-Bull

In a few weeks I am teaching a women's self-defense course for our Community Education Services. It will be three Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes each.

As I was preparing my curriculum...actually daydreaming...those of you who really know me know I just tend to make things up as I go along. It's a going-with-the-flow-of-life thing I practice.

Well, back on course, while I was thinking of this self-defense course, a part of me (the part that thinks really odd things) got to thinking I should just tell them to get a gun and a pit-bull. Then learn how to shoot the gun well and train your dog for protection. Nothing more is needed and then leave. I think they would want their money least I would.

There is a part of me that would actually tell them that...but mostly to help them realize that self-defense...real self-defense is not pretty. It never is...and if it can be avoided it should be. However when needed it must be as if you have a gun and a pit bull. The thought just went through my head that the 'guns' must be our hands and the 'pit-bull' our attitude. Sounds good...I guess I will leave it in here without editing.

You can probably gather by now I am just rambling a bit...but hell...I've got gray hair now...I've earned the right to just ramble and tell stories and tell people to just get a gun and pit-bull and forget all this self-defense business. But I won't really do that...or maybe I will. The point is if you ever teach a class on self-defense, make sure it is real and not a bunch of fluffy nonsense that is going to get people hurt.

Are your techniques as fearsome and effective as a gun? Are your strategies as sharp as the teeth of pit-bull? Is the attitude you teach in a life and death situation tough, animalistic (we are animals you know) and dangerous? If not then re-examine them. Now I don't want you think I go around and preach brutality, because I don't. But if brutality is coming after my wife, daughter, niece or mother I want them to know how to turn on the switch to be that pit-bull tearing flesh and that gun firing bullets of fear at the attacker.

Self-defense is serious business. Teaching it is a tremendous responsibility and honor. People come to you to learn something valuable...They don't know what really works on the street to keep themselves safe...make sure you don't give them lollipop martial arts...give them a gun and a pit-bull. I know I should have my head examined...oh yeah...I do have a mirror in my office where I do lots of reflection (it's an old therapy joke...sorry).

Well, thanks for reading as I prepare my thoughts for the classes coming up in a few weeks. If you have anything to add please do so.

In Gassho...

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