Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cutting through delusion

The Samurai's sword, or Katana, is known for its razor sharp edge. With it, the Samurai were lethal warriors, able to cut through muscle and bone. The first inch or so of the blade is the most dangerous of the blade as it coming at you with the greatest momentum and reach.

The Katana is a slicing weapon....not a chopping weapon and would leave an enemy slashed open, usually at the wrist, forearms or elbows. Samurai fights did not last long. So, what does this have to do with cutting through delusion?

Your mind also has powerful weapons as sharp as Samurai's katana. (warning: advertisement...I cover this in my book: Black Belt Healing)....Without getting into too much detail, your mind-swords also have a sharp razor's edge. It is called Gratitude.

When you find yourself worried about the future or regretting the past it is time to pull out your mind-swords and start slicing with the cutting edge called Gratitude. Be thankful for where you are right now, right here, with whatever situation you are involved in. Gratitude, when swung properly, will slice and cut through the delusion of your small ego-driven self and help you see the splendor of what it 'is'. Reality as it is 'issing' will be open to you and transform your life.

Gratitude is the razor's edge of now as it is as it issing. It cut's open and bleeds out the delusion of separateness and incompleteness. You will be able to see as if your blinders were cut away.

Give it thankful for everything that is right now, whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable with it. Swing that sword...train its use...and watch this sword give you life. This is Budo, the Way of the Warrior.

Hands palm to palm,



  1. Hey, I remember my own post about mind being a sword... from a different angle though.

    So the mind is like a sword, indeed. Used well, cuts delusions; used recklessly, causes too much delusions :p

  2. you Doctor! me: prescribed. Thank You! Now I owe you One. Lemme know - maybe I get a visa-debit sussed and purchase "BlackBeltHealing" God knows I need a good read. Later.

  3. You must have just watched that NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword. ;)

  4. Leaf Dharma: actually not. I did see you posted it. Thanks for commenting though. When you swing a sword it begins to 'speak' to you...and it is just natural to see how the sword and mind have many corollaries.