Friday, March 12, 2010

You are Perfect

Did you know you are perfect right now just as you are?

Yes, it is true. All you have to do is open your eyes and 'see'. There is nothing you need to add to your life or take or clear away. When you can 'see' the impermanence of this world and that nothing will satisfy you, whether it is adding or subtracting, everything becomes just as it is. Herein lies completeness and perfection.

Your ego may be screaming right now and says it needs a new car, or more money, or a different job, or a new relationship or you need to clear out your mind of negativity or past memories...but all of this is a delusion that actually feeds the ego. It is a trick of ego-centricity.

Yes, we do need to eat, have shelter and clothing, but when you can 'see' the interdependency of all changing phenomenon you will see you are supported by reality, by the bigger self, the source of creation. It will support just gotta have a little faith.
Your eyes will also open to the illusion of a separate will see how you have been caught in a trance of separation from the creative source. You are the creation and the creator...all at the same time.

So, just now, as you read this words you are perfect...just as you are.
Hands palm to palm,


  1. Awesome! We often make it so much more complex than it really is! A very eloquent reminder!

  2. This is such a wonderful post. Thank-you for stripping it down to the basics. It really is about awareness and being "o.k." with what we are aware of!!