Sunday, March 28, 2010

Edible Enso

Why do Zen Monks love donuts?
They are edible Enso's. Everything is complete just as it is. All is well with the enso...and donuts...especially with coffee. Homer Simpson knows.

(Rizal reminded me of this can thank him)

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Thanks Rizal...and Homer, not forgetting Shinzen ;-)

    I've just had cake with my cup of tea, shh, tell no one, I promise to buy Enso's tomorrow . . .

  2. I had a laugh when I see that Homer is actually here--with that huge donut, hahahahaha... umm... pardon, what is Enso?

  3. Enso is the Circle...looks like a represents all things are perfect just as they are. All things are whole and complete...just like the feeling Homer gets when he eats a donut...mmmmmm....or maybe its...ommmmm?

  4. LOL. OMMMM. I can relate ;-)