Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a Dream

Saturday morning and enjoying the aroma and taste of my first cup of coffee of the day. This cup of coffee reminded me of a dream I had Thursday evening. I was enjoying my last cup of coffee.

The dream started off being chased and shot at by Nazis while outside my home. I quickly ran into my house as fire bombs began to hit. My family was in the basement and I joined them huddled on the floor as smoke was filling the air.

In my hands I had a thermos and a cup of coffee. I sipped the coffee and it tasted sooooo goooood! I then huddled with my family and the dream faded away.

When I awoke, I felt fabulous and had one of the most well-rested feelings I have ever had. This sense of peace and everything is okay stuck with me all day. What a dream.

I wonder what Freud would think of this one.

Hands palm to palm,



  1. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... Or in your case, a cup of coffee.

  2. In my dream I was at the zoo and they had brought a line of dinosaurs back to life. The dinosaurs were not too smart though and they were all made to wear helmets to stop them killing themselves by knocking themselves out. In the dream the dinosaurs would run repeatedly up the enclosure and tumble down, their helmets saving them from the fall.

    So we have learned that coffee fends off the Nazis and it was a lack of helmets that made the dinosaurs become extinct.

  3. @Rizal...yes, it was quite a dream. Scary and yet peaceful.

    @ZenHG...good point.

    @TaWan...hahahaha! That is funny!

  4. I Dreamed Al-Qaeda had stolen all my coffee out of my freezer and was building an Atomic Caffeine Bomb. I managed to persuade them to stop there weapons program and we all sat down and drank WMD Tea. (Willful Meditative Darjeeling)

  5. LOL! Caffeine deprivation dream? Thanks for my morning chuckle Wabi wan kenobi...hands palm to palm.

  6. The WAY reinforcing in YOU the power of coming back to center amongst chaos.

  7. Wow...didn't think of it that way. Thanks!