Friday, April 23, 2010

Blatant Marketing

After May 10th, if any of my readers would like an autographed copy of Black Belt Healing let me know. It retails at $16.95...I would just have to add shipping and handling charges.

I have a book signing on May 8th and if there are any books left over (I am hoping I sell out) I will have a limited supply to sell on-line.  If the demand is more than what I have I can always order more books.

Also, if any Budoka out there would like to have me come in for a workshop on healing and martial arts, also give me a buzz. Send me an email or just a comment with contact info and I will get back to you...and thank you for reading.

Hands palm to palm,


  1. Put me down. Don't have credit card so please inform address and final s&h charges.

  2. Will do Jorge...if you want to email me at with your address I can get one prepared to send...and we'll work out the details. Arigato.