Saturday, April 10, 2010

When you cut an apple in half, have you found the inside, or have you created another outside?
If you choose either one I will hit you with my broken bokken!
Hands palm to palm,


  1. Eat half and go and crap at Doug's place.

    Not long ago the Rambling Taoist got all pooey for a couple of posts, now Doug... Sorry to bring the smell here, I can't answer your koan without splitting apples.

  2. My friend has a great part of one of his books dedicated to a similar idea. How Mathematics accepts infinity but science is sure they can can find "building blocks" or similar.

    He explains in depth that on splitting and splitting, to find the smallest part, you're always going to have the "well, what's it made of, lets break it in half" situation. There can be no limit to that - yet they defy infinity and keep on telling everyone - "YES, if we build a bigger more expensive underground doughnut, we will certainly find the smallest thing in the universe"


  3. Ta Wan: Went to Doug's and the crapper was full...but it sounds like Doug has now emptied it with a 'yes'. Hi Doug! Love your recent posts on 1yogi2many.

    Thanks for the morning chuckle. Now off to add bumps to my head.

  4. Hi again Ta terms of scientists...I have always found their 'splitting' to the basic blocks folly. They need to make a Quantum leap.

    I find this in therapy as well, where people come in to find out 'why' they do certain things. They want to find that exact cause. Dependent on the sensitivity of the situation, I sometimes answer 'Gremlins'. I usually get a smile and therapy begins.

    Muppets...Gremlins...Splitting Apples...its a wonderful world!

  5. About science though; I thought they have concluded that they cannot go smaller than Planck size (or something called that way), and that eventually there is only empty space and vibration.

    But yes, keep asking "why" to whatever life brings is, umm... redundant :p so, instead of asking why you have to split that apple into two, I prefer to have a bite and taste it for good... and so I don't have to get hit with your broken bokken on the butt :p

    And, umh... nice koan, BTW :)

  6. Bite the apple! Exactly Rizal...and thanks.

  7. There is nothing to be found nor is there anything to be created, there just IS!