Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Strange Healing

About two months ago I jammed my neck (head-butting a brown belt in the stomach...long story). About two weeks after this my vertigo returned. This prompted me to go see my Chiropractor for an adjustment of my neck and back as it helped in the past.

During the first session (I had four in one week) she told me I really f**ked-up my neck. After the adjustments I began having a sharp pain in my back between the shoulder blades. Breathing was difficult and sleeping on my side exacerbated the discomfort. I continued to due my yoga and visualizations for healing which gave me some relief.

Well, today I had a strange healing. At lunch I decided to do some self-hypnosis and requested a healing from my subconscious. I put on some Shamanic drumming music and entered into a trance. I lost track of time but my conscious mind kicked in when I heard and felt a 'pop' coming from my chest/heart area and I could 'see' the shape of glowing chakra in my mind's eye. The feeling was great and one of relief. All afternoon I have felt at ease, not only emotionally, but the discomfort in my back was gone!

I am going to use more Shamanic background music for my self-hypnosis sessions and see what happens. I have been thinking of doing some past life regressions in this manner as well. I love taking trips. Would you guys who read this blog be interested in hearing about my journeys?

Hands palm to palm,


  1. To cope up with the daily stress in life, using simple stress relief hypnosis can help release tension in the body and mind.

  2. That's amazing, Shinzen! It seems your pain is not actually physical; it might be far deeper than that. Maybe past-life regression may clarify :)

    Anyway, lately I become interested in traditional music too. Not really shamanic musics, but some Javanese/Balinese musics surely sound mystic. You may try to listen to them sometimes (I really recommend "Jalan-jalan - Bali"). Maybe I should try listening to your shamanic musics as well :)

  3. I would, but don't you think it might a little too personal for public consumption? A different blog?

  4. Narda: I was thinking of a different blog for this. I will give it some thought. On the other hand I see it as just another form of training...and I like to play and explore. Thanks.

    Rizal: You are right. Whenever there is physical pain there is some form of mental/emotional element...all things connected.

    Dr. Larry: Thanks. I do hypnosis and meditation daily for managing stress...but it is always good to have a reminder.