Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Had fun with the Mohican Headstart students planting Pinwheels to Prevent Child Abuse.  Future warriors and healers learning how to be gentle and caring.

They enjoyed the pinwheels, as did the adults. It was a beautiful day for them to come over to the clinic and partake in the 'planting'.

As Martial Artists, I believe we need to be in the forefront of teaching the youth how to be true warriors, not punks. Since starting our martial arts class I have had a few community warriors come and talk to me. I will be lining them up to come and speak to the kids about their traditions, culture and language. Culture and language is so important for that sense of identity and belonging.

Budo is so important and a good Martial Art class becomes a family...a place to belong. My brother was on vacation in the Bahamas last week and started a conversation with another martial artist and they instantly bonded. Such is the way of Budoka.  It 's one big family.

Hands palm to palm,

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