Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying some new stuff

I will be making some changes to the blog over the next few weeks. I have added a "Healing Tip of the Month" and announcements of future seminars. I know many of my readers live far, far away and can't make it to these seminars, but I will do my best to post pictures and information from them.

I might even move out of my comfort zone and change the template!

Any and all feedback, whether it be good, bad or ugly is welcome. As I grow in my knowledge of technology I am going to try an add more video, especially seminars, both martial and healing...I have to upgrade my camera. It sucks and doesn't always work right...or it could be operator error.

I am also moving into the area of publicizing my book, Black Belt Healing. So, I will share some of my adventures into this world. It is knew for me and I don't mind sharing my journey. Publishing, and now Publicity. I look forward to the adventure.

Take Care....Hands palm to palm,


  1. Hey, Shinzen! Just wanted you to know I'll be purchasing a copy of your book tomorrow for one of my dojo sisters for her birthday! I'm excited :-)

    All the best with your changes. Change can be good...

  2. Thanks Felicia. Let me know if they still have copies. I have had some readers ask me the name of the bookstore and were going to order some. Hope they have some left.

  3. What is the best way to buy a copy of your book? Through Tuttle Publishing or a local bookstore.

    My husband has been dealing with cronic pain since 2002.

  4. Very nice, Shinzen.

    Glad to know that you're not abandoning the blog even after your book is published. It means I can still get fresh content once in a while here :D

    I love the current healing tip of the month--it's just awesome. It makes me even more curious about your book (last week I go to Kinokuniya in Jakarta but I couldn't find it).

    Looking forward more changes... I'm sure it'll be great :)

  5. Michele: I know the Kinokuniya Bookstore at the Palisades Mall had some copies. The publisher released 25 copies to the public early. They have a website and you can try there...otherwise order through Tuttle in June.

    I can get some books early and if need be you can order from me...I have a booksigning in May and if I have books left over I will let you know.

    Rizal: Thanks for the feedback. I won't abandon the blog...its contains seeds for my next book.

  6. Perhaps I will change Healing Tip of the Month to Healing Tip of the Moment...or Random Healing Tip.

  7. Dear Mr Random,

    Would you please stand still for just a healing moment please?

    Great changes Shinzen . . and good luck with everything :-)