Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Blog

Taking the advice of Narda, one of the followers of this blog, I have started a new blog to record some new adventures in my life.  Now, some of you might think I have gone off the deep end. Don't worry. That happened years ago!

The new blog is

It is a blog of my playing in the playground of my mind.  I am not seeking anything other than to just play and enjoy the journeys.  I am done seeking after the 'magic pill' that will make life perfect. It is perfect just as it is. Also knowing that no state of consciousness stays constant, chasing after any one state over another is folly. I am just a big kid at heart and have a playground that is eternal and infinite.

As Shido Bunan Zenji wrote: "Die while alive, thoroughly die. Then just do as you as will, and all is right." 

I will be keeping this blog as well to continue to post my passion for the Martial Arts, Zen and Healing Arts. So, please join me from time to time over at the Samurai Shaman blog if you are interested.

Hands palm to palm.


  1. Hi, Shinzen, congrats on your new blog! Actually, I against the idea of splitting yourself to 2 blogs (hehehe), but after reading the first post... maybe Narda was right.

    Actually I intended to drop the comment on your new blog, but then I realize your new blog does not facilitate "Name/URL" commenting. That's too bad :(


    All in all, congrats :)

  2. Hi Rizal...thanks for the commenting. I don't know what that is but will find out...a techno person I am not. I'm lucky to have gotten this far.